Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I think my two favourite words in the English language are innuendo and fuck, mayhaps more specifically fuck off, which, when I say it, I never mean much harm by it, it just fits to many a situation. 

And the way innuendo just rolls off your tongue. Marvelous. 

I have a plan to become a writer one day, but not before I am old and don't like myself anymore, and have a lot of life experiences to draw inspiration from.

Now, if you like blogs where you actually have to read (I sometimes do), may I recommend The Tale of Sir Bob? A very well written blog, albeit the updates are rare. He just takes a long time writing and polishing and rewriting every bloody post. I know this, because I know the guy. Oh, look! A picture of Sir Bob Bunbury I found while browsing for a photo to blog about, and then I remembered his blog.

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