Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer's end

Summer's over, and I've had a lovely last couple of days in the south. Managed to sneak in another fishing trip, on my own this time. I love, love, love, being out on the ocean, the spray of salt water, the smell of seagulls and seaweed, and the wind and the waves playing with the boat. It's such a pity that I don't go boating more often.

Caught me some nice fishies, two mackerel that I threw out again, a good-for-nothing female cuckoo wrasse (rødnebb) that also went back in the water, a cod (torsk), a ballan wrasse (berggylt), and a tiny baby atlantic pollock that I only kept because it had blue spots and I therefore did not know what it was at the time (it's the top one below).

I also didn't know what the ballan wrasse (bottom one) was when I drew it up out of the water. All I saw was a fishy with a spiky back fin that I didn't want to touch, in case poisonous. I finally managed to get it in the bucket, still no tuouching, and off the hook by cutting off half his lip...

When I got back to the cabin, a friend rang and I asked him about the unknown fish, where as he at one point asked me:
"Does it have big, duck-like lips?"
"Like you, you mean?" I replied.
"Yes, just like me."
"Why, yes, it does have big lips."
"Then it's probably a ballan wrasse."

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