Sunday, 6 October 2013

Goal: reached

Hello, I'm slightly hung over :p. But, last Saturday I reached one of my workout goals, finally. I managed 5Ks, without walking, in under 30 minutes. I don't know the exact time for the 5Ks, I kept going for another five minutes after that, but my average speed was 10.1 km/hour, which qualifies. Hurray! Next goal: 10Ks, and then 10Ks in under and hour.

As to the five pull ups, I'm at two and a half if I'm nicely warmed up, one and a half with no warm up. As to squats, I think I'm at about 50kg maximum strength, so there's still quite a way to go before I manage my own bodyweight on the barbell.

Btw, are you a fitocrat? Go to and check it out. Personally I'm not that into the social, following a bunch of people I dont know, getting followers-bit, but I love coming home from a workout and seeing how many points I get, and whether or not it's enough to go up a level. Particularly like it when I finish quests.
I'm Myrull, follow if you like.

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