Monday, 28 October 2013


So, a little while back, very recently actually, I went to a Röyksopp gig. Now, usually, I can't stand concerts, I just get bored, and I prefer listening to music while doing something else at the same time. But this concert I really enjoyed. It wasn't too long, and I was just tipsy enough to be able to every now and then close my eyes and feel the music. They did a great job changing the songs ever so slightly so that it became a whole new listening experience compared to the album versions without losing the jist of the songs. Visually I really liked the mix they had set up on the big screens next to the big screens.

And, as a surprising bonus Robyn popped up and voiced in on a couple of songs. Pictures are all taken with my phone, but I quite like the simplicity and unpretentiousness the phone camera gives.

Two downsides:
- first half I ended up standing behind very tall people, and considering I'm not particularly short myself, this is very well done.
- second half I stood behind a couple making out ferociously while swaying all over the place. Me, being stubborn, refused to move further back, and I stayed put even though they kept bumping in to me. Eventually they moved thirty centimeters forward.

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