Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cinnamon spice

Drinking tea, eating crackers, and watching Closer. Realising Jude Laws in suits are devious things.

On other notes, my bike was stolen last week. Then found again yesterday. I went to pick it up, but the thieves had dismantled all the bikes they'd stolen and stashed all the wheels together and all the seats together, and all the frames. The frame was marked with my contact information, but I had to look through a big pile of wheels until I found a couple that might be mine. Let's hope so. Seat I found easily. Bloody thieves.

Need to put all the pieces together next. Or pay someone to do it.


  1. When it's broken, I think you might get money from the insuranse company anyway. Check it out.

  2. mm, insurance money arrived yesterday.