Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Movie time

Finally watching Touching the Void after it's been sitting on my harddrive for over a year now. Interesting stuff, extreme sports and the minds of the people who do it. Also watched Into the Mind earlier this fall. Visually beautiful movie, bit long though.

Personally I'm not there. I just haven't got the mental nor the physical strength for it, sometimes wish I did however. I would have loved that immense adrenaline rush. Now, at this point some might say go for it and you're capable of some much more than what you think you are. Actually, if something went wrong, and I was already tired and hungry, I would panic. I know this because I did panic, in a cave late this summer, my very own 127 Hours experience. Or rather, 127 seconds in my case. Oh yeah, totally comparable... But let's save that for the next post. It's adding up to be enough text for one post here.

Finishing off with som pics from one of my favourite places on earth, a trip to one of the ice caves inside glaciers on Svalbard. More pictures here. The girl is Katja.

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