Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Now, I know I'm like three seasons behind on Doctor Who compared to the rest of the world, but, my point is that I just finished off the season 4 specials, and I can't believe that I will never see David Tennant as the Doctor again! Oh, how I cried during the last episode. See that, pictures below, me crying. Very sad.

Anyway, ended up spending a couple of hours youtube googling anything David Tennant, effectively overdosing on Tennant. I am now ready to start watching season 5, thank you, and get to know the new Doctor.

Oh! By the way, when I took the plane to the USA earlier this year, one of the stewards looked just like David Tennant as the Doctor, with the glasses. Blimey, now that did make the long flight slightly more interesting. If only I had had a window seat so I could have looked outside to see if I could spot the Tardis...

In the mean time, the rest of you can watch this amusing little thing:

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