Friday, 28 June 2013

Work it

So I went to the gym today. Had a good workout, went back to the changing rooms and stood in front of the mirrors for a bit (no one else was there). You know, posing, flexing, making faces. Then this girl comes out of the showers, and I, naturally, go back to my stuff and start packing them together. Now this girl, this girl, just has the most perfect little body. She's just standing there, in a cheeky little black thong, and I'm trying not to stare. How I wish I had that kind of a body... Damn you, bodily complexes! Still, it was a good workout, and any workout gets me in a good mood regardless.

That's enough text, let's add a picture.
Tried out a new hair-do the other day. I like it! Just need somewhere to wear it. And excuse the background, my flat is generally messy.

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