Monday, 1 July 2013


Went on a wee one-night camping trip to Trollheimen last week. It was a good little tour, despite that it did nothing but rain and fog on the way down, and partially so on the way up. And I got to try out my little Big Agnes tent, which so far has only been tested in the garden. It kept all the rain out, but unfortunately the construction is so that the inner tent gets wet if it's raining when you're taking it down - as it did. Otherwise excellent little thing.

That peak there, the highest one, I've been there. Was there in april. I think it was that one...

Snug as a bug in a rug!

 And the next morning....:

As I have done before, I found myself in the mountains. There I was, Myrull (cottongrass), popping out of the green and browns. Though I've rarely found myself this wet on a hike before....

Lastly, I quickly discovered that I had chosen the wrong shoes for the trip. Even with nylon socks and preventive compeed, I still ended up with massive blisters, on both feet. They're ok now.

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