Saturday, 13 July 2013


I hate being ill! Such as I am now. With no warning what so ever, I woke up Thursday with a sore throat and by lunchtime I had a full blown cold. And now I can't breathe. Fuuuuuck....

Me being ill puts an unfortunate delay on my big workout plan for the summer. You see, I've set myself goals, as one should do, and they are as follows:
- run 5 km in under 30 minutes without any walking
- do 5 pull-ups
- lose 4 kg

Now, 5 km is under 30 mins is not much for most people, but for me, who has never been a runner, or anyhing close to a runner, this is huge. On Wednesday I managed 5 km in 30 mins and 45 seconds, walked once, so not far off. Pull-up-wise I so far manage one and a half reps.

I have an additional goal of being able to take my own weight in squats, but since I haven't got access to a gym this summer, that will be a Christmas goal instead. 

But now I'm ill and all workout must be set aside. I lose my breath walking up the stairs anyway.

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