Sunday, 29 September 2013


Three pieces of randoness from the week past.

Went to a pin up/rockabilly/people-turning-30 party last weekend and came home with my pantyhose looking like this. Ripped up thorougly. It had been a good night for dancing.

Sold my giant Exped Downmat 7 LW and bought the Downmat UL 7 M instead. No more bad conciousness about taking up too much space in tents, and approx 500 grams less to carry. Yay.

Finally wore out my climbing shoes (a hole in the toe at least. Makes them uncomfortable enough). They never really fitted my feet well anyway, and now I get to buy a new pair. Also, this means I've been climbing more. Good stuff.

3 and 1/2.
Listening to Major Lazer.

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