Saturday, 14 December 2013

Friday night lectures

I love going to popular lectures (I ended up watching a bunch on youtube yesterday and went to bed way to late), and tonight I went to a little series of them given by Paul Rose, Børge Ousland, and Christopher McDougall. (Yeah, I know, the wonders of phone pictures again....)

Now, Paul Rose I had never heard about before, but apparently he's a BBC presenter and polar explorer. He gave a good enough lecture.

Then it was Børge Ousland, a Norwegian polar explorer. He gives absolutely brilliant talks. I been to his lectures two or three times before, so if you ever come across an oppurtunity to hear him speak, go for it. He is a proper inspiration.


Lastly it was Christopher McDougall, the writer of the book Born to Run. It's been some years since I read it, and his talk was mostly the same story, with a couple of extra bits and bobs, but it was wonderful to hear him tell the story himself. A wonderful speaker I must say.

I ended up talking with him briefly afterwords, just asked him about pain in my shins when running. His answer was simply that I was probably tensioning up and not relaxing enough in my legs when running, and my guess he's right. He recommended the 100-up exercise, which I remember reading about ages ago, but never really committed to trying out.

So there you are, I can now say I have gotten running advice directly from the Christopher McDougall!

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