Thursday, 12 December 2013

Storm's end

The storm "Ivar" has been raging the town this evening. A bit of damages here and there, trees fallen, cars tipped over, garbage bins spread all over the neighbourhood, bits and bobs here and there.

All the busses were stopped at one point, which was particurlarly unfortunate as I had planned to take the bus to the Red Cross house at that exact point. Well, ended up running home and taking the bike instead. I have yet to put on the studded tires on my bike, but I figured it would be fine as most of the ice melted away the last couple of days anyway. Biking was no problem, just a bit too much side wind at one point.

I must say, I love the wind. The way it tears at your body and makes you utterly aware of the powers of nature around you. Makes me feel very much alive. Also, it reminds me of Svalbard. Lots of wind there. Picked out some windy and weathery pictures of a few of the people that were in my geography class on Svalbard.